Saturday, September 25, 2010

A job fair

The other day I went to a job fair mentioned to me by my father.  When I arrived though, I already had a bad feeling that this wasn't specifically for me.  Many people who looked like they were in their 40's or so were in line to get in and mingling with the potential employers.  The table set up for a local burger place had myself, and three other people in full business suits all trying to get that one position. 

Long story short though, if the economy is so bad right now that people who really shouldn't be working in fast food are getting those positions, then that really doesn't leave much in the way of prospects for those with little work experience.


  1. Wow, this is rather depressing...I hope you find a job soon.

  2. I was laid off about a month and a half ago. I feel useless just sitting around waiting, but the pickings are slim for someone who's just starting college.